Nonprofit Accounting Services

nonprofit accounting services

At Anderson Accounting & Tax, LLC, we provide accounting services to nonprofit organizations that help marginalized communities participate in the emerging cannabis industry through The Social Equity Program (SEP). As SEP nonprofits provide access for people who have been traditionally excluded from this new economy, we support them in their mission with specialized financial management solutions.

Transparency in your organization’s finances is required by donors, for grant compliance, and to satisfy the general public. So we'll show you how to maintain accurate records and implement policies and procedures that will safeguard the reliability of your financial data. You can count on us for the strategic planning that will ensure you have enough cash on hand to pay bills and cover operating costs while devoting as much money as possible to fulfilling your organization's purpose. We'll also work with you to maintain your tax-exempt status with the IRS and to prepare your Form 990 tax return at year-end.

Find out how we can assist your organization meet your financial reporting requirements while growing your social equity programs. Call us now at 404-300-3175 or request your free consultation online.

Nonprofit Bookkeeping Solutions

  • Outsourced accounting
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Cash flow stabilization
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Internal controls upgrades
  • Help filing for tax exempt status with the IRS
  • Preparation of Form 990 tax returns
  • QuickBooks Online setup