About Anderson Accounting & Tax, LLC

Anderson Accounting & Tax, LLC is a strong financial partner for businesses in the cannabis industry. We offer proven accounting solutions to keep your finances in compliance with government regulations and strategies to minimize taxes and tax problems. We work with a wide variety of marijuana businesses including growers, dispensaries, and CBD retailers.

Our CPA firm will become the trusted advisor you turn to for sound financial advice. We'll show you how to improve workflow, manage risk, and optimize profits. We'll also help you establish financial controls, manage inventory, and keep your books audit-ready.

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Desarie Anderson, CPA CFO

Desarie Anderson

With over 10 years in the tax and accounting industry, Desarie has worked as a tax auditor for the state and a financial auditor for a well-known CPA firm. She founded Anderson Accounting & Tax, LLC over ten years ago where she helps industry professionals with their tax and accounting needs. Anderson Accounting & Tax, LLC focuses its practice on the Cannabis and CBD industries. Our entire team is made up of tax and accounting Cannabis experts.

Because of all the rules and regulations associated with the Cannabis industry, it is crucial that businesses hire experienced Cannabis CFO's and accountants to handle their tax and accounting needs. Doing so will save owners and investors heartache, fines, and penalties for infractions that could have been avoided.

We help the cannabis industry minimize its tax liabilities and audit exposure.